It's safe to say that Hurricane Sandy caused chaos for a lot more than TV, but even those in affected areas with power may have noticed that the network airings were severely impacted by all the news coverage. Most pushed fresh episodes of their series toward another week, though '30 Rock' it seems just couldn't wait. The soon-to-end NBC comedy will move to Wednesday this week in order to better time its election-themed content, but what does it mean for the already-cancelled 'Animal Practice'?

While the other NBC comedies have been pushed from their usual Thursday air-dates due to Hurricane Sandy's re-schedulings, one comedy has taken a bold leap forward. '30 Rock' will still air this week's election-themed "There's No I in America," moving to tonight, Wednesday!

Unfortunately, the rescheduling of '30 Rock' comes at something of a cost, as the show will preempt 'Animal Practice' from airing what was to be its final episode, having already been cancelled by the network. Keeping '30 Rock' on track will also help come mid-season, when 'Community' premieres its fourth season on February 7, in '30 Rock's' old time-slot. By then, the classic NBC franchise will have wrapped up its final 13-episode run.

So be sure to watch the all-new '30 Rock' episode "There's No I in America" tonight rather than look for it Thursday, and tell us if you'll at all miss 'Animal Practice' in the comments!