Youth hunters will get a jump start on the 2022 bear season this weekend.

The unofficial start to Maine's fall hunting season is right around the corner. The bear hunting season in Maine starts on August 29. Youth hunters will get a jump start on the season, August 27, on Youth Bear Hunting Day. Hunters that utilize bait can begin baiting their sites. According to the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife, bait can be placed 30 days prior to the season start.

Hunters that utilize bait are urged to check the 2022 Maine Hunting Laws. Maine's bait laws are very specific as to what can be used as bait, where it can be placed, and how long it can be in the woods. Maine's annual bag limit is two bears - one by hunting, one by trapping.

Here are a few bear bait reminders:

  • Bait must be placed at least 50 yards from any travel way that is accessible by a conventional 2-wheel or 4-wheel drive vehicle.
  • Bait areas, blinds, or stands must be plainly labeled with a 2-inch by 4-inch tag with the name and address of the baiter.
  • Bait can not be placed within 500 yards of a solid waste disposal site, campground, or occupied dwelling. (unless written permission is granted by the owner or tenant)
  • Bait can not contain any form of medicinal, poisonous, or stupefying substance.
  • Bait areas must be cleaned up by November 10.
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Maine allows bear hunting with bait from August 29, through September 24. Hunters can also hunt bears with the use of dogs, and by trapping. These hunting tactics have specific season dates that are listed in the 2022 Maine Hunting Law book.

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