Youth hunters got a jump start over the weekend, now the spring turkey season is underway for all.

Maine's spring turkey hunt is underway. The season opened Monday, May 2. With a valid Maine big game or small game hunting license, hunters can purchase a wild turkey permit for $20 for both residents and non-residents. This permit allows turkey hunters to take up to two bearded wild turkeys in the spring, and an additional turkeys of either sex in the fall. Fall bag limits vary in Wildlife Management Districts around the state.

Season bag limits is two bearded (male) wild turkeys in most Wildlife Management Districts. A hunter may harvest only one bearded turkey in WMDs 1-6, and 8.

Last year, a new law went into effect that changed registration requirements for wild turkeys. Only turkeys harvested during the spring season need to be transport tagged and registered. Turkeys harvested during the fall season do not need to be registered.

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The spring turkey season runs through June 4.

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