Hiking, fishing, sight seeing. Whatever you're doing, if it's in the woods in Maine you need to have these 12 things with you!

As we all know Mainers love the great outdoors and we are surrounded by it! Even if you are venturing to a trail or woodsy area you know well, you should still have these 12 things incase something goes wrong.

Flatlanders will head into the woods with just a cell phone for emergencies. Mainers know cell phones don't always work in the Maine woods, heck they don't work in  most parts of Maine! While the woods can be relaxing and a sanctuary for some, it can also be dangerous.

Here are the 12 things you need to have when going into the Maine woods this summer:

1. A Map

2. A Compass

3. First Aid Kit with Bandaids, antiseptic, and tweezers are often most helpful

4. Space Blanket

5. A Fire Starter like flint, a lighter, matches (or all 3)

6. A Communication Device. Even if your phone has no reception you may still be tracked by last ping in an emergency. SPOT's and GPS devices also are good to have in case you get lost.

7. Sun Block

8.Bug Spray (Lots of Bug Spray)

9. Water

10. A Snack with Energy and/or Nutrients

11. A Knife

12. A whistle

Of course you need to know how to use all of these items in an emergency, so make sure you do, or these items are useless. What else should we add to the list?



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