Coaches, parents, and spectators all to often take youth sporting events way too seriously. Some even get violent or even scream profane things that shock others in attendance. I've witnessed many things in my years of attending sporting events that were just uncalled for, and honestly, probably should've been handled immediately by law enforcement.

With that in mind, law enforcement officials were called in to handle the shenanigans of a Utah youth football coach who knocked down a player of the opposing team giving the kid a concussion. The coach is being charged with second degree felony child abuse. Of course the coach is denying any wrong doing. And although the video of the crime was shot from a distance and a bit grainy, it's pretty obvious something happened between the coach and the player.

C'mon people! Can't we be better role models for these kids?

Here's the link to the story: Coach Charged with Felony

And here's the video news story: