This woman is my hero! Lakeisha Shurn wanted to change her life. She's incredibly honest at the beginning of this video about her struggle with weight, self-esteem, and depression. But instead of giving up, she turned it around and decided to take control of her life. Incredibly inspirational!

As someone who has struggled with my weight all my adult life, I can relate to this video so much. We are all our own worst critics and that makes it so daunting to stay motivated, let alone to get started. It's so much easier to just sit down and give up than it is to get yourself to the gym day after day and work on getting fit.

I was doing really well for a while, going to the gym several times a week. I felt great! Then I hurt my knee and had to take some time off. Honestly, I've never motivated myself to get back to the gym and the pounds have packed back on. But this video is just what I needed to encourage me to start moving again.

Awesome job, Lakeisha! Congratulations! I hope you find all the happiness you've been looking for.