I'm usually not one to share personal political views in a post/blog arena such as this, but given the current state of our great country--government shutdown, Obamacare, middle-east crisis, etc.--I think we're in need of a major overhaul on capitol hill. The current shutdown situation has obviously revealed the 'true colors' of the politicians that Americans elected to represent and make sensible decisions for us in times of peace and crisis.

And with that in mind, we all know that the presidential elections are really not that far off--2016. And one potential candidate just might turn the elections upside down. I think the time just might be right for a woman president. But the big question is, will she decide to run? Of course I'm referring to the the former Senator of New York, and Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton.

It's possible. Her famous former President husband, Bill Clinton, was recently interviewed by CBS This Morning's Charlie Rose and Norah O'Donnell, and weighed in on the subject.