Putting eggs in your snowmobile suit and riding from Levant to Newport may seem like something you'd do on a 'double-dog dare' right? Then why in the world would adults do it year in and year out? It's all for the children and adults that attend the Pine Tree Camp in Rome Maine! Don't take our word for it, we want you to see the faces that light up when do what we do...because of what you do with your donations!

Eggy Egg Riders

the 2014 Q-106.5 Pine Tree Camp Egg Ride is loaded with...well yes, Eggs, but also amazing people that put the children and adults that attend the Pine Tree Camp every year before their feelings that riding a snowmobile with eggs in their suits is just insane!!! Every year, we are fortunate enough to have our very own Cindy Campbell, from WABI-TV5 & The CW in Bangor, Todd Simcox & Wayne Harvey. From ABC 7-WVII & FOX Bangor, Craig Colson.

A Very Stuffed Cindy Campbell
JR with Egg, where Egg Shouldn't Be

Now this year we have some Egg Ride rookies along for their first time...our news director, Susan Patten will ride for her first time, even though she was here when the Egg Ride began, welcome to it and NO PLASTIC UNDERGARMENTS!! Another new face to this years Egg Ride is Kristen Hosfelt from ABC 7-WVII & Fox Bangor...this will be a great welcome to Maine for Kristin!! Also egging up for the first time this year are members of the Maine Warden Service, who also happen to appear to Animal Planet's 'North Woods Law' Alan Curtis, Troy Thibodeau, and Jonathan Parker, Thank-you all for your support of the Pine Tree Camp for Children & Adults with Disabilities! These faces are the reason we Egg Up every year...thank-you for our reason for doing what we do!

Wesley Day


Bradley Thibodeau
Nicholas Alexander