Most of the black and yellow signs have been removed but every now and then you will see a remaining fallout shelter sign reminding us of Bangor's Cold War history.


In the 1940's these shelters were created nationwide as fear of nuclear warfare spread. So where have you seen them? One of the most seen signs was recently removed from above the door of what is now Umami Noodle Bar on the corner of Main and Hammond St. So we know there is or was a fallout shelter there! But where else?

A few schools in Bangor still have their signs posted. Last we checked Fairmount School on 13th St. still had a sign as well as John Bapst Memorial High School's basement gym. The William S. Cohen School on Garland St. is rumored to have a sign as well but we have not confirmed.

It is noted in historical records that many of the buildings downtown were fallout shelters but it is unknown how many remain. Some of the buildings with fallout shelters in downtown were Norumbega Hall, The Bangor Public Library, and what is now the Maine Discovery Museum.

Outside of Bangor another nearby area highly populated with fallout shelters is the UMaine Orono area including this one here!

Do you know of any others? We know there are a lot more, but not many we can still confirm!