Washington County Residents who graduated in the past five years are eligible for a grant from the Gracie Fund for some tuition reimbursement funds. Applications must be in by July 15th, so do it today!

The Gracie Fund is allocated through the Maine Community Foundation and the Sunrise County Economic Council. One to three recipients are chosen each year, depending on how much money they have to spend. MCF's Cheri Galyean says the funds come from a private donor who wants to encourage young people to not only stay in the area but also to get involved in the communities of this beautiful region.

Successful applicants will have to commit to living in Washington County for two years and will be required to do community service. There's no restriction on the kind of community service so it could be anything from working with a national organization to setting up a charity drive in your church. As long as you're doing good for others, it fits. Up to $5,000 is put toward paying off student loans to the successful grads!

For more information and to apply for the Gracie Fund, log onto the Maine Community Foundation's website or the site of the Sunrise County Economic Council. And remember, get it done by July 15th!