When most of us think remote-controlled airplane, we think of those models you can buy in hobby shops. But this remote-controlled plane is full-sized...and unmanned! Watch as it takes off from the deck of an aircraft carrier, the first time that's been done successfully!

This video caught my attention at first because it demonstrates something that I've always wanted to do. It's on my "I know I'll never do it" bucket list that I would love to stand on the deck of an aircraft carrier while planes are taking off and landing. I know it's windy, and cold, and really loud....but I don't care! I think it would be awesome!

So when I originally checked out this video, I thought it was just about a new plane that took off from the USS George HW Bush. But it's actually a video of history in the making! The Navy's X-47B is an unmanned aircraft, essentially a "robot plane" that successfully took off from the deck of a carrier for the first time ever!

After about an hour's joyride, the plane successfully landed at an air station in Maryland. Say what you will about all those overpaid sports figures....to me, these are the true American heroes!