Proving once again that North Korea and it's wacky administration is off kilter, a new revelation finds that the Communist country has purported to have found a Unicorn lair. Wow! I know, right?



But before you get too excited, you Unicorn lover you, here's a list of a few legendary facts (tougue-in-cheek) about the late Kim Jong II. (source: Huffington Post-18 Strange Facts) 

  • He Was Born Under A Double Rainbow
  • He Kidnapped Short People
  • He Was The World's Greatest Sportsman
  • He Could Control The Weather
  • He Kidnapped Two Directors To Remake Godzilla
  • He Was Suspected Of Killing His Brother At Age Five
  • He Did Not Use Toilets - Because He Didn't Need To
  • He Ate Donkeys
  • He Invented Hamburgers

Like I said: Wacky! And Kim Jong Il's son, Kim Jong Un, is already compiling his own unusual list of achievements and legend--the Unicorn story included.

The story grew enough attention that NBC decided to investigate. I love the comments at the end.