According to Maine is the 17th best state to live in if there were to be a Zombie Apocalypse. A large number of gun owners and military personnel make Maine a desirable place to be in this scenario. But where are the best places to hide in Maine?

It's not a question of whether of not Mainers would survive the zombie apocalypse. Of course we would. We can survive winter, so we can do anything. But where would we go to survive it?

Here are what we think are the best places to seek out in case you need to hide from the undead:

  • 1

    Mt. Katahdin

    Baxter State Park

    Rising 5,270 feet into the sky, Katahdin is the highest point in Maine making it one of the best choices for a hiding spot. Not only do you have plenty of places to hide on the mountain, but from the top you would be able to see the staggering undead coming.

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    Loring Air Force Base


    From 1947-1994 this base was one of the largest bases of the U.S. Air Force's Strategic Air Command during its operation. This base featured many civilian and soldier facilities at one time including a hospital, school, and ski hill. This base has quite a few buildings, resources, a remote location with a low population, and is surrounded by acres of old runway. All factors in favor of those looking to survive a zombie invasion.

  • 3

    Isle Au Haut

    Atlantic Ocean

    First of all this one is impossible for those from away to pronounce, let alone find on a map. So it would be the perfect place to hide from tourist zombies. With a population of less than 100 people and no mainland access roads this seems a desirable place for those with a boat. Unfortunately we are unsure if zombies can swim or not, but at least you would be able to see them coming.

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    Maine State Prison


    'The Walking Dead' on AMC inspired this hideout. Although it is full of criminals and wrong-doers currently, it would be one of the safest places to hide. Not only does it keep the bad guys in but it also keeps the hungry zombies out!

  • 5

    Fort Knox


    With a couple lookouts in the Observatory tower in the Penobscot Narrows Bridge and all the armed Downeast-ers, this civil war era fort could finally see some kind of battle! Do those cannons still work? Can you imagine hitting a zombie with a cannon!? The fort is elevated and has means for a fresh water source making it even more of a desirable destination.

    Amanada McDonald