Anyone traveling through Bangor late at night can tell you there are too many young people wandering the streets.  Homelessness is not just an adult problem, but also affects many teenagers.

The Shaw House on Union Street in Bangor is a homeless shelter that provides a number of services for these displaced teens. But, like many non-profits in our state, they are running short of funding for their very important programs.

So the folks at the Shaw House are hoping people will sign up for the second annual Shaw House Challenge. Bicycle riders can choose between a 48 mile scenic ride or a 15 mile ride. Participants will be asked to raise money to sponsor their ride, with the proceeds benefiting the Shaw House.

It all takes place Saturday, September 15th and this year, the race will begin at the Shaw House. That way, riders can tour the facility and see just where their money is going!

For more information on the Shaw House Challenge, click here. And have fun!