Some who still don't know the background of Taylor Swift might assume that she may have been manufactured by some record company, which in fact does happen from time to time, but more so with "boy bands."

But if you dig deep enough you'll find that Taylor's musical talent started at a very tender age. It was her parents who recognized her gift and ever so carefully nurtured it into the incredible yet beautiful musical flower that she is today. Her abilities to create and write are a bit uncanny. The material she produces is still beyond her years. One artist once called her an 'old soul.' They would be right.

Taylor has come a long way from the Bluebird Cafe' in Nashville where she was ultimately discovered by Scott Borchetta and Big Machine Records in 2006, and a long way from her first hit, "Tim McGraw."

In many ways she is still viewed as a high-schooler who is trying to survive adolescence. Maybe that's the persona her management wants her to maintain while she's still in her youthful years. But regardless of all that, Taylor is still a force to be reckoned with in the country and pop world.

Her recent release, "Begin Again," is another testament to her vocal -- storytelling -- ability. It's a song that describes what it's like to go on that first date after a bad breakup with someone you loved.

Watch the video: