What Day Do the Bangor Pools Open in 2016?
It seems like summer, or at least the hot weather, comes around a little later here in Bangor than in other parts of the country, but there's still plenty of time to enjoy the pools for people who want to beat the heat without leaving the city.
Q-106.5 + Fuze Iced Tea to the Rescue! [VIDEO]
Since last Saturday, Mainers have seen the temperature, and humidity rise through the 90's, and yesterday in Bangor, the thermometer in my Jeep registered a balmy 94 degrees! For those that love heat, that's a great thing...but for those that are stuck working in this heat, it can be unbearable! So …
The Canadian Weatherman Strikes Again! [VIDEO]
As Mainers prepare for yet another big snowstorm, The Canadian Weatherman...Frankie MacDonald is at it again from Sydney, Nova Scotia! Now even though we don't find the fact of a lot of snow coming in again funny, you'll definitely get a kick out of how Frankie delivers his forecast!

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