A Video Worth Sharing–My Mom’s Motorcycle [VIDEO]
The chasm between today's youth and what many of us 'experienced citizens' have lived through to this point, and what our parents and grandparents had enjoyed and endured, is growing exponentially. We are losing touch with important, tangible things in this life...
Marketing Mystery Revealed!
So apparently they generated enough buzz throughout the country, and now more information is being revealed.
Earlier this week, I introduced you to a story that was generating a great deal of speculation among those who had heard about mysterious structures.
It’s the New Fingerprint for Law Enforcement [Video]
It's pretty much understood that the fingerprint is a unique identification tool for law enforcement but with today's technological advancements it's also a slow and somewhat "outdated" method thanks to the creation of Iris Biometric technology.
That very technology was showcased today at t…
‘Ultra’ High Def TV Has Big Promises [VIDEO]
I think we've all pretty much figured out by now that there's no way on God's green earth that we'll ever be able to keep up with today's technology, especially when it comes to items like phones, tablets, and TV's. In fact, the company that calls itself LG has now crea…