Breakthrough: New Laser Tattoo Removal Treatment [VIDEO]
When done by a certified professional who actually knows what they dare doing, tattoos are an amazing work of art on the human body. But make the mistake of getting a tattoo at the spur of the moment from a hack with a needle, and you'll spend a lot of money getting the embarrassment removed...
10 Extreme Patriotic Tattoos
With July 4th coming up, a lot of us are getting in the patriotic spirit with firework GIFs and festive food. But you know what? Celebrating 'merica doesn't only have to happen once every July. These people are showing off their patriotism year round!
Tattoo for a Christmas Present? Things to Consider [VIDEO]
We've all heard stories of those getting bad tattoos, or in a moment clouded by inebriation, someone wakes the next morning with an embarrassing tattoo that's nearly impossible to cover up with clothing alone. So why do we get them?
There are a lot of reasons why we'll sit through a fe…