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2014 Pine Tree Camp Egg Ride from Nelson’s Lens
Here's a few pics from the 2014 Q-106.5 Pine Tree Camp Egg Ride from my point of view.
And by the way, this was the best year we've had for this event since we could remember. Great listener response, incredible turnout, fantastic weather, TV star game wardens, riders being able to ride the entire ev…
Eggy Smiles and New Opportunities [Video]
When I woke up this morning to realize that the listeners of Q106.5 had not only given, but pushed us well over this year's goal for the egg ride, I was ready and willing to do my part.
After a great breakfast at the Hungry Holllow 76'ERS Snowmobile Club in Levant all of the egg riders got …
Can Someone Please Pass the Paper Towels? [VIDEO]
And it better be that quicker, picker-upper sort of brand too, because Mainers take care of Mainers, and that inevitably means I'm going to be slathered up in eggs Saturday.
I'm okay with the sloppy and nasty idea though because it means we're putting your cash contributions to good us…