Mindy McCready

AP Video Story of the Sudden Passing of Mindy McCready
How tragic the news of the suicide of country singer, Mindy McCready, at the age of 37. Such a young woman with incredible talent.
Someone need only whisper the word suicide in a crowded, noisy room, and I'd hear it. After losing a son in such a fashion almost sixteen years ago, I can tell you t…
Mindy McCready Recorded Possible ‘Video Suicide Note’
One day before Mindy McCready was found dead of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound, the singer sent a private investigator she had been working with a cryptic message. It was a single frame from a video they had been working on together of McCready singing a song called 'I'll See You…
Mindy McCready Dead
Mindy McCready is dead. Local law enforcement has confirmed the news, also speculating that the country singer took her own life. She was 37.