It’s International Bagpipe Day [VIDEO]
The Bagpipe, an instrument that brings joy, brings tears and takes remarkable skill to play! Today, the 10th of March is 'International Bagpipe Day' so we want to celebrate by asking...what do you get when you cross bagpipes, a comedian...and a kilt? Johnny Bagpipes!
Friday Morning Funny…The Front Yard Funeral! [VIDEO]
Imagine's a beautiful morning, you step outside to begin your day, and in your front yard...a funeral is going on...complete with mourners, a Minister...and headstone, complete with freshly fill in gravel...what would you think? Watch how these people react!
Get Ready for the Worst Jokes from a 3 Year-Old [VIDEO]
I love a good joke, but sometimes the person telling them fails to get the punchline right. But sometimes the botched joke is funnier than the original telling.
Take for instance jokes told by a 3 year-old boy in the video. It's pretty apparent he has no idea what he's saying...