As the kiddos head back to school and the approaching winter is guaranteed to bring cold & flu season with it, here are some great reminders about when and how you should wash your hands properly.

After reading this very important and helpful article from the Center for Disease Control, I think they left out a few things. Call me a germ-a-phobe, but I also believe it's necessary to wash your hands after touching a door knob, car steering wheel, shopping cart, cell phone, credit card or money, computer keyboard, light switch, elevator buttons, public stair railing, yah know - pretty much scrub your hands before and after you do anything just to be safe.

And for parents of young kids who don't eat all the food on their plate - DON'T eat the kids left overs. I know it's hard to throw away 1/2 a piece of pizza or nearly a whole sandwich. It feels like you're dumping money into the garbage. But think of how much more expensive it'll be going to see the doctor after you've caught a nasty virus from eating your kid's crust. Not worth it.