I actually work with a smartphone addict who is in serious denial. When this person was called on their addiction by another co-worker, pointing out the inability to talk to someone without fiddling with their smartphone, this person got upset--all while fiddling with a smartphone. Hmmmm...I think society as a whole has an addiction with technology.

I still don't own a smartphone. Yes, I have a cellphone, but I seldom use it. Most of my calls are done via land line using business or my home phone. I'm surrounded by computers, so email communication is pretty commonplace. If someone is close enough, I'll walk over to them and talk...face-to-face.

Ignoring people because of technology has become a real problem. Just look at those around you when you're out in public. I watched a group of young people at a restaurant table the other day, and they all were fiddling with their smartphones and not engaging in spoken dialogue. How boring.

An online Psychology Today article written by Dr. Dale Archer, summed up the how the the integration of the smartphone has affected our lives:

"Many suffer from anxiety if they lose their phone, even if only for a few minutes. We rely on the it to do everything from saying "I love you" to breaking up, from checking bank balances to investing, from sharing photos of the grandchild to sexting. We can carry out a plethora of daily tasks, right from the palm of our hand."

Surfing a website recently I saw that one restaurant hung a chalkboard sign to help combat the epidemic. The sign simply stated: No Wifi! Talk to each other! I like that.

Here's a great video that further confirms society's growing addiction: