When news broke about the sinkhole that opened up in Seffner, Florida swallowing a man and part of the house in which he lived, I was reminded of my geology coursework at the University of Maine. My geology professor, Joseph Chernoskey, explained that pretty much all of Florida sits on limestone, which is a very porous rock. And he said it doesn't take much to wear it away either. He said just take a look at the old headstones in a cemetery. Many of them were made from limestone, and today you can barely read them because of weathering processes.

With that in mind, it's just one more reason why I'll either stay put when I retire, or find a warmer state with less natural disasters.

And news has broken once more that a second sinkhole has opened up in the same town that swallowed that man while he slept. Watch the story.

Oh, and by the way? The story reports that thousands of sinkholes open up in Florida every year. Just sayin.'