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It's one of the best nights in a kid's life. They get to dress up in a cool costume, pretend to be someone else, and go door to door asking for candy! I mean, it just doesn't get any better than that, unless it's Christmas! Here are a few tips for parents to make sure mishaps don't ruin a perfect night.

  • First, make sure your child has something lit. A flashlight or glow stick will help them to see, and will help others to see them. If you don't think they'll deal well with something else to carry, a glow bracelet or necklace will work too.
  • Make-up is better than a mask, because you don't have to worry about eye-holes. But if your child wants to wear a mask, make sure it fits well so they can see easily.
  • Plan out your route in advance. Walk it during daylight hours so you can anticipate areas without a sidewalk or construction.
  • Make sure your child is wearing good-fitting shoes. Costume shoes or "feet" can be cute, but they can also make walking difficult and present a tripping hazard.
  • And on that note, make sure the costume isn't too long or the skirt too tight. Children should be able to walk easily and freely.
  • For your own sake, choose a costume that's bathroom-friendly. I think this one is self-explanatory!
  • Make sure your child only carries flexible props. Swords and knives are great, but only if they'll bend when thrust at someone else or fallen upon.
  • Only go to houses that are lit. And preferably, contain people you know. Never go to a dark house. And for children, never go into a house unless your parent is with you.
  • Think practical instead of cute when picking a goody bag. Some may match the costume, but be too heavy once candy is put into it (and you'll end up carrying it)...or it may be too thin and flimsy to hold candy. Nothing ruins a Halloween more than candy all over the ground.

Have a safe and Happy Halloween, all!