Every woman should watch this video. And if you have daughters, definitely show it to them! Four women agree to do a professional photo shoot, and then allow the pictures to be photoshopped to make them look like supermodels. Did they like them? Watch the video to find out!

The first thing you'd expect is that they'd love the shots. I mean, they're thinner! Their wrinkles are gone! Their eyes look brighter! It's what we all strive for, right? Maybe not.

I urge you to show this video to any teen or pre-teen girls you know. It's so easy for young women to get caught up in the stereotypes, and to want to look like the women in all the fashion magazines. But this video just might convince them that the featured models don't even look like they do in those photos!

The important thing is to accept who we are. Revel in your individual characteristics. Say it with me....Personality Over Perfection!