Something you may not know about me is that I collect penguins. Not actual penguins, obviously, but penguin figurines, pins, name it, I have it! So when I saw this video today of penguins who are as clumsy as I can be at times, I had to share it. It's hilarious! And they're just so cute!

My love for penguins started many, many years ago when I flew to Florida to broadcast from Sea World. "Terrors of the Deep" was opening, and so the park flew announcers in from all over the country to talk about it. As I walked around the park, I wandered into the penguin house and instantly fell in love. I'd been looking for something unusual to start collecting and, as soon as I walked into the penguin gift shop, I was hooked.

This video has beautiful photography, will make you catch your breath once or twice about whether the penguin survived, and will definitely make you laugh. After all, that ice is slippery! And it's not like they have long legs to help keep them steady...enjoy!