I literally have had nightmares of accidentally forgetting to let one of my dogs back in at nighttime. I would get up to make sure they were okay, only to get a little grumpy growl and then a kiss when I would pet them while they slept on the couch. I have never done it, and I hope it never happens. But some pet owners are just plain thoughtless when it comes to the welfare of their animals, like the owners of a dog named Peanut in Indiana.

A local sheriff's department in Jasper, Indiana, responded to an anonymous caller who cited animal neglect at a residence. A deputy found Peanut, a Shetland/Jack Russell mix, frozen to the ground in sub-zero temps! The owners of Peanut also had other dogs, all but one were inside the warm confines of their home. Police were able to confiscate Peanut, who was emaciated and in need of immediate medical care.

When the story broke, an outpouring of dog lovers were ready to adopt sweet Peanut.

Let this be a lesson for everyone!