Imagine you've planned the perfect marriage proposal. Tropical setting. A private pier. Sunset and music. And an amazing diamond ring that you sold your motorcycle to be able to afford. But before you can propose, Mexican cops have you in handcuffs, there are guys with machine guns, and the ring is at the bottom of the ocean! It happened to one poor guy!

ABC News tells the story of Ryan Houston who planned his proposal with the Secrets Aura Resort in Cozumel, Mexico. He was assured by the staff that he and his fiance, Laura Yearout would have the pier to themselves with a perfect view of the sunset with music set to play at the perfect moment.

But when the North Carolina couple got to the pier, a yacht blocked the view of the sunset and the music was all off. As if that wasn't bad enough, a guy in a Speedo was on the yacht watching them with a big smile. So Yearout suggested they untie the yacht and give it a push. (which Houston admitted later was a mistake) The guy on the boat started yelling that it wasn't his yacht and he was only watching it for his boss. Bad luck for Houston, the owner of the vessel was one of the owners of the resort.He helped the guy on the boat pull it back to the pier and tie it up. No harm, no foul, right? Wrong!

Suddenly the couple was surrounded by Mexican police with machine guns and they handcuffed Houston, accusing him of damaging the yacht. So....he has to tell his girlfriend to take his valuables, including one special one pinned to the inside of his shirt. She pulls on it, and when the pins let go, it flies out of her fingers and right into the water. Plop! The poor woman is left standing on the pier crying "He was going to propose" as they haul her boyfriend away in handcuffs.

But there is a happy ending. Houston was released from custody and the resort immediately put the couple in one of the luxury suites. Houston donned his scuba gear and found the ring. Wasting no time, he dropped down on one knee, still in the scuba suit and proposed. The resort has offered to give the couple their wedding for free and Houston said they're considering it. Just remember....leave the yachts alone!