We've done it here at the office, when the Powerball or Maine State Lottery grew to huge numbers, we all pitched in to buy up a bunch of numbers in hopes of winning big. Of course it never panned out, as I'm still here writing this mini-blog. But for some office workers at a realty business in Plantation, Florida, it panned out in a major way.

Ladies in the Florida realty office had been running the office pool for a while, but a new woman in the office opted out because she was low on cash. Even a co-worker asked if she'd like to borrow the money, and she refused again. And it just so happened they hit it big. But rather than denying the new girl, they all decided to share their winnings. How fortunate for her.

We've all heard and seen the stories about office pools winning big, but we all may remember how greed got the best of a few in some situations and lawsuits were filed.

What would you do?