Kids clothes are so expensive! I remember when my sons were young, getting them ready for school would break the bank. And if you have little ones...well, they outgrow those clothes so fast they're hardly worth the money! So I wanted to tell you about an event in Hermon this month just might be the solution!

Plush Studios, Getty Images

A Kids' Clothing Swap will be held at the Hermon Baptist Church. If you have clothes that your kids have outgrown, drop them off at the church next week and they will be put into the swap. Then be sure to go back on Saturday, September 29th from 8am to 11am and pick up some clothes that will fit! Obviously, if you're donating, the clothes should be in good condition. Clothes for kids from birth to teen/young adult are being accepted. And don't think you have to donate clothes to take part. Even if you don't have any to donate, stop by and pick up some new duds for your young ones!

You can thank the folks at "Dress it Forward" for this great event! I sure wish something like this had been available when I was raising three boys!

Photo by Cindy Campbell