From Rogers, Arkansas, Joe Nichols prides himself in his musical, blue-collar background. His daddy was a trucker and played bass in country bands, and he himself worked as a local country DJ in his early days all the while playing music. Nichols also worked for a rock band, but his love for country trumped everything else. And although the road got a little rough with the passing of his father, and his own battles with addiction, he weathered the storms of life and is thankful that country music open its arms to him once more.

Who can forget his early music: 'The Impossible,' 'Brokenheartsville' (number 1 hit), 'Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off,' and ' Gimme That Girl.' But now his new song, 'Sunny and 75,' is doing very well on the charts. It's a song off his new album, 'Crickets.' It's an album packed with 16 tracks, so you're in for a treat when you pick it up.

We wish the absolute best for one of country music's tenacious performers.

Here's the video release for 'Sunny and 75':