Jim and I had a wonderful time on our honeymoon at Hopkins Pond, but we think Lola had the most fun!

Lola is a typical Golden Retriever. She's sweet, friendly, affectionate, and an absolute water dog. Happiest when she's swimming around or diving underneath the water, Lola was in absolute heaven during our four-day stay at a friend's camp on the pond. Her 12 years melted away and you'd swear she was a puppy again. As a matter of fact, she swam so much that, by evening, she was barely able to climb the stairs for bed. But the next day, she was right back in the water.

Jim and I spent our time reading, playing Yahtzee, swimming, fishing, and watching movies. But Lola's time was more concentrated in two areas; swimming, and chasing an adorable squirrel away from the feeder on the deck. While I didn't catch video of the latter, I definitely got some footage of her gleeful leaps into the water. For her, it was four days of total joy!