Did you know that Americans eat approximately 7 billion hotdogs every summer? It's true! And it really doesn't matter that the average hotdog is made up of a number of by-products that do doubt grosses out a lot of people (watch the video below), we'll eat them just the same. Yes, indeed. Hotdogs are America's favorite summer food.

And there are so many different topping combinations. A Chicago-style, beef hotdog is pictured above. I love em. They are soooo good. The Jalapeno addition insures that the dog bites back. But here in the Northeast, the hotdog known as the 'Red Snapper' is the only 'real' hotdog to get. I'm not sure I want to know what they're mad of, but there really is no other.

To be honest, and I think you'll agree, what makes a good hotdog is the topping combination? And that's what we want to know. What are your favorite hotdog toppings. If there are some really strange things you put on a dog, we want to know.

Take the poll, and feel free to add your toppings.