The guys from Give Back Films are at it again, doing good deeds and giving back to their community of Salt Lake. In this video, they give an unusual twist on a Christmas giving campaign. They buy the toys a head of time..wrap them..and when the kids tell Santa what they want, they get it! The reactions are awesome!

Kyle and his friends have been doing good deeds for months now, and posting films of their escapades on YouTube. So far, they've done things like giving $100 bills to the homeless, giving a homeless family a makeover and helping them find employment, and donating money to a local man who fixes up and donates bicycles for area children.

I've been enjoying the films, but this one is definitely my favorite, probably because they're helping children to have a better Christmas. The kids are adorable, and their reactions are priceless. Everything from elation to terror at having to sit with these two strange people!

In the midst of the extreme cold and snow, on the heels of massive power outages, this video will warm your heart. Check it out and then click the button below to watch more videos from Give Back Films.