The guys from Give Back Films are at it again, helping others in their community of Salt Lake City. Kyle and friends have committed to posting a video each week of some sort of good deed and, so far, they're honored it. This week, they've helping out another community member who had his own charitable contributions stolen.

Earl Wright spends each year fixing up bicycles. His yard is littered with them! Each Christmas, he gives those refurbished bikes (and a few new ones) to kids in need in the community. But this year, Earl fell victim to the darker side of society. Thieves stole 100 bicycles from him, leaving him short for the number he wanted to give away.

Enter the Give Back Films guys. In this video, Kyle chats with Earl about why he does what he does. Then he brings in not only a new bicycle for Earl to give away, but a generous monetary donation to help buy some more bikes. Just in time for Black Friday!

I love these guys. It's so amazing to see someone use their financial good fortune to help others. And I hope these videos will help inspire others to do whatever good deed they can afford! Whether you pick up one of those boxes at the grocery store that go toward feeding the hungry, or you just buy a cup of coffee for someone, it's so important that we support our communities. And besides, it will make you feel great!