Cindy Campbell, Townsquare Media

Send us a picture of yourself in your best cowgirl (or cowboy) gear and you could meet Brad Paisley when he comes to town this month - just please don't grab his butt!

Brad Paisley is coming to the Cross Insurance Center on January 29th, and we want you to go AND have the chance to meet him in person!! He's a super-nice guy with a great sense of humor, so a meet-and-greet with him would be a lot of fun.

All you have to do to enter to win is send us your best cowboy or cowgirl picture. Or you could put a hat on your kids, grandkids, or favorite pet! Whatever! We've had some great entries so far, but we want more. So get busy because you only have until noon on Thursday, January 21st to enter!

We'll divide up the entries and open it up to a vote. The winner will get two (2) premium tickets and two (2) passes to meet Brad backstage. Awesome!

By now, you're probably really wondering what that whole 'don't grab Brad's butt' comment is all about. Well, I've met a lot of singers, and I've taken a lot of winners backstage. And you'd be surprised how many women, when meeting a hot guy, will ask me if I grabbed his butt while posing for a picture! I would never do that, out of respect for the person. But they do! I mean, it's right there, they tell me....why not?!

So do us a favor, please. Let's show Brad that we're nice, civilized people. Please don't grab his butt during your photo. Remember, one DJ got sued by Taylor Swift for doing it!