I understand the dedication that goes with the game of golf. Although I don't play, my boyfriend does and he can be found swinging his club in the living room while we watch TV. But climbing a tree to make a one-handed shot, instead of just taking the penalty shot? Sounds extreme, but that's what Sergio Garcia did during the Arnold Palmer Invitational!

It was a valiant effort. He climbed the tree, lined up the shot as best he could, and made it onto the green! (I love when the commentator suggests that he use a "tree iron!") Unfortunately, it was in vain. Garcia still made a double bogey and withdrew two holes later. Still...you have to admire his dedication and his agility! I mean, this is the clip that will be played over and over on all the sports stations today.

Tiger Woods was in the lead yesterday when play was suspended til Monday due to a storm.