Parents know that kids are excited about snow days for about an hour. After that, it's "I'm bored! Can we go somewhere? I'm bored!" So I went online looking for some fun snow day activities. Try a few of these and see if you can turn a boring snow day into a FUN day!

I found the following suggestions on Yahoo! voices. Check them out and then add any fun activities you can think of in our comments section at the bottom of the page!

Snow Cream - you can make this delicious treat using clean, fresh snow. Just put the snow in a bowl and mix with milk, sugar, and vanilla. Yum! Reminds me of my childhood, going to my grandparents' house in Washburn. My grandfather would mix snow, sugar, and freshly-made maple syrup!

Board games and cards - dig out those old board games you haven't played in a while and start giggling! Or teach your kids how to play "Go Fish!"

PJ's, Popcorn, and Movies - This is self-explanatory! Tell your kids to keep the PJ's on (and keep yours on too), pop some popcorn, and pick out some family-favorite movies to watch. The hours will fly by!

Freeze Dance - Start with some high-energy music and tell everyone to dance....then stop the music and everyone has to FREEZE! Anyone who moves while the music is stopped is OUT!  The winner is the last person dancing.

Indoor picnic - Have your kids help you make a picnic lunch. (younger kids could spread the peanut butter or put the two sides of the sandwich together) Dig out a tablecloth or blanket and have a picnic in your living room! While you're eating, talk about what you'd all be doing if it was warm out or where the kids' favorite picnic spot is!

For more great suggestions, check out the Yahoo! Voices website. And don't forget to add your own suggestions to the comments section! Happy Snow Day!