Those animal parks where you drive through with your car have always freaked me out. I mean, you're getting up close and personal with wild animals and you just don't know what's going to happen. Like with these German tourists who learned they shouldn't sit and watch two bull elephants fight!

I've seen the videos with the tourists who can't move the car because there's a lion sitting on the roof. Or the people who are stupid enough to keep their window rolled down when approached by long-tongued beasts.

This carload of tourists seemed to disagree. The one sitting closest to the battling elephants wants the driver to move the car. But the driver isn't listening. They'll sure have a story to tell when they get home! At least they have the video to show their insurance adjuster when he doesn't believe that the window was broken by an elephant!

All I can think of when the pachyderm is approaching the car is that he's like an angry street fighter saying, "What are you lookin' at? You wanna piece of me?" Wham!!