April is National Distracted Driving Awareness month and one of the most common distractions is cellphones. Texting and driving has become epidemic, so a powerful new commercial hits hard to get the message out.

AAA New England's Pat Moody told me recently that a scary new trends involves young people, especially teens, taking pictures, or 'selfies' of themselves while driving. Taking the picture probably only takes a couple seconds, but then there's the time it takes to aim the camera. Plus, most will upload it to a social media site, so that's several more seconds.

Moody said statistics show that if a driver takes their eyes off the road for six seconds the car will travel the length of two football fields. A lot could happen in that span of time, as this commercial clearly shows.

Be warned that the commercial is graphic. But if you have a teen driver, it might be a good idea to have them watch it. They just might remember it the next time they're behind the wheel. I know I will!

Maine law enforcement is stepping up patrols this month, keeping their eyes open for distracted drivers. Put the cell phone down and keep your eyes on the road. It just might save your life.