Pit Bulls are in the news again after five of the dogs attacked a basset hound. One of the Pits ended up getting shot by a neighbor. Our question is this. Do you think Pit Bulls are born aggressive or is it a learned behavior?

WABI-TV reports that in this latest case, five pit bulls were caught on a security camera, attacking a basset hound. The owner wasn't home when it happened, but neighbors ran over to help. According to neighbors, it's not the first problem with the dogs, who have allegedly gone after children in the area, as well. The dogs' owner has reportedly refused comment.

Now, before you think I'm against Pit Bulls, I'm not. Jim and I had a chance recently to adopt a Pit Bull mix, and we considered it. I've met many very sweet Pit Bull terriers. But we were told this particular puppy was a Pit Bull/Chow/German Shepherd mix, and that combination of dogs made me wary.

But I want to know what you think. Are Pit Bulls naturally aggressive dogs? Or is it something that's taught? Is it possible for Pit Bulls to be sweet family dogs? Or do you think it's dangerous having Pits around children? Let us know!