Looking at Christmas lights. It's easily one of my favorite things to do this time of year! Nothing gets me in the spirit of the holiday faster than a cup of hot chocolate and a tour of the colorful lights around town. Where do you like to go to see beautiful lights?

I have a few favorite places around the Bangor area, starting with Gettysburg Drive, off North Main Street in Brewer. This is the coolest! These neighbors try to outdo each other, and the result is beautiful! Santa has a landing strip at one house. Another has Merry Christmas written in lights on the roof....while their neighbor simply has a large LED sign that says "Ditto."

The Historic Wiswell Farm in Orrington always does a great job with the Christmas lights. And anyone who grew up in the Brewer area knows that guy on Eastern Avenue, just off State Street has more lights than Walmart! Jim and I were out driving over the weekend and passed a house on Howard Street, just after the speed bump, that has blue-white lights everywhere. The combination of the unusual light color, the white house, and the snow that evening was magical. Really beautiful!

So, those are my favorites. Where do you like to go? I invite you to make some suggestions in the comments section below, so we can add them to our list! Let's work together to make this the best Christmas light season ever! Get ready to warm up the car. And don't forget the hot chocolate!