My news network of choice is CBS. This past week while watching an evening broadcast, the story of a retired social worker's efforts of connecting old photos of kids working in factories and farms to their families of today had me spellbound.

Social worker, Joe Manning, was first introduced to child labor photos from the early 1900's on the Library of Congress' website by a friend. The photos were taken by photographer, Jim Hine, who wanted the world to see what was happening to our children in America. They were meant to shock. Manning, who himself was taken aback by what we saw, soon set to task in finding the families of these kids.

What an incredible story. Countless kids, some as young as 5 years-old, were robbed of their childhood, and many died due to the dangers of doing something that should have been reserved for adults only.

When kids today complain that they have to pick up their room, make their bed, or take out the trash, you may want to share the website video with them. It sure is an eye opener.

Click the pic and watch: