As the humidity begins to wane, and we can open up the windows in our vehicles, my grandpuppy celebrated with his head out an unconventional window of my car.

I love this time of year, when the days are moderate and the nights are crisp and cool. Despite the rain, I thought Sunday's temperatures were perfect, especially when it came to going for a ride with my grandpuppy (and my son and grandson). We rolled down the windows and enjoyed the cool, non-humid air streaming into the car.

But then we remembered that my car has a sunroof, and Golden Retriever 'Remington' is a lot bigger than my dogs. So Josh slid the window open and put his hand outside, encouraging Remi to stand up and stick his head through the opening. And he did!

The downside to riding that way is two-fold. There are the bugs that inevitably whiz by (or in an open mouth), and the fact that the wind dries out a dog's mouth pretty quickly. So, Remi didn't last long peering over the top of the car. But he sure had fun while it lasted!