September 18th is national cheeseburger day! What cheese do American like the most? It was close but American cheese comes in at number one.

Here's a little bit of history about the cheeseburger.
It's believed that the cheeseburger was first made by Lionel Sternberger in 1926 while working at his father’s Pasadena, California sandwich shop, The Rite Spot.
A cheeseburger appeared on a 1928 menu at O’Dell’s, a Los Angeles restaurant, which listed a cheeseburger, smothered with chili, for 25 cents.
Two-thirds of Americans enjoy American cheese on their cheeseburgers. Shown below is our complete rankings (based on the percentage of Americans who "like" or "love" each cheese variety on a cheeseburger):
1.  American Cheese:  66%
2.  Cheddar:  65%
3.  Swiss:  43%
4.  Pepper Jack:  40%
5.  Provolone:  31%
6.  Colby:  27%
7.  Muenster:  16%
8.  Gouda:  16%
9.  Havarti:  11%
10.  Gruyere:  9%