The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has launched a $54 million anti-smoking campaign to get smokers to quit. The new ads are pretty graphic, and will give the most hardcore smoker food for thought.

People say there's no one more annoying than a former smoker. Well, I guess you can call me annoying. I gave up the ciggies back in 1984, when my wife, Shirley, came home with the news that she was pregnant with our son, Wes. I quit 'cold turkey' and never looked back. At the time I was a pack to pack and a half a day smoker. Nasty damn things had a grip on me, but I thoroughly enjoyed them at the time. But I also knew that to ensure that my son had a healthy head start in life, it was critical that I stop smoking. I also wanted to be around to play sports and do other father-son things with him, and just watch him grow older. It's hard to do those things while lugging around an oxygen tank.

And of course quitting wasn't easy, but addiction is always a tough thing to overcome. Smokers don't like the word addiction, but I don't know what else you'd call it. Cigarette companies know what they are doing. They're getting rich, and you--if you're a smoker--are getting poorer and unhealthier with each puff.

Personally, I applaud the CDC's efforts. Someone has to keep up the effort to save people from themselves. I really hoping that you'll take a moment and watch this graphic CBS news story, and think about passing it around.