Fresh Track: ‘The Ones That Like Me’ [POLL]
Quote the artist: 'This song is just, straight-ahead, me in a nutshell"
Quote the lyrics: 'The ones that need me got me/ The ones that doubt me can't stop me'
From the album, 'The Devil Don't Sleep', Vote Yea or Nay for the what you see is what you get guy, Brantley Gilbert, 'The Ones That Like M…
Fresh Track: ‘Ask Me How I Know’ [POLL]
A song written by newcomer Mitch Rossell, who they jokingly call 'diva', because he never asks for anything.
10 years ago, then unheard of Lee Brice wrote a Number One for the same artist. That was 'More Than A Memory'.
The 2nd release from the album 'Gunslinger'...
Fresh Track: ‘Happens Like That’ [POLL]
Cowboy story telling. Maybe from his personal love story?
He's back after that nasty fall from a concert stage last fall.
Tyler Hubbard from Florida Georgia Line helped him write the song.  Vote Yea or Nay for Granger Smith, 'Happens Like That'
Fresh Track: ‘When It Rains It Pours’ [POLL]
With lyrics like 'I was caller number 5 on a radio station, won a 4 day, 3 night beach vacation' you know how I'm going to vote.
His first hit 'Hurricane' went to #1. Let's see where his new song goes.
From the guy who didn't even pick up a guitar until he was 20 yea…
Fresh Track: ‘Mess Me Up’ [POLL]
He has 4 #1 singles. 'Nothing On But The Radio', 'Man To Man', 'Tough Little Boys', and 'Every Storm (Runs Out Of Rain)'. But nothing has been released in the past year, even though he has promised a new album
Vote Yea Or Nay for Gary Allan 'Mess Me Up'
Fresh Track: ‘Waiting On You’ [POLL]
Born in Canada, and discovered by Randy Bachman of Bachman Turner Overdrive, she's now known as 'The Girl With The Purple Guitar', and has been called a female version of Keith Urban
The song that started the E.P. 'Worth The Wait' project, from the artist that'll appear …
Fresh Track: ‘Losing Sleep’ [POLL]
'You don't want the same song over and over or the same sounds over and over on every record'  Chris Young was quoted in The Tennessian as saying. 'But I think it's still very much me'
The debut single from his 7th studio album. His last 2 hits have been collaborati…

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