Only twice in my lifetime have I felt the need to take part in the Black Friday craziness that precedes the holiday shopping season. And the reason I don't like it is because I feel sickly when it comes to the mindless materialism and greediness that pervades a holiday that I've always held sacred (Jesus' birth), and a holiday that really is centered around children. And never have I seen something so disturbing yet embarrassing as the video you are about to see.

This past 'Black Friday' in Sacramento, California, at the Roseville Galleria, three men got into a knockdown-drag-out-fight over a pair of sneakers. Sneakers! Please, what has this society come to that we feel we need injure someone or even do jail time over just to make our feet look good and feel comfortable?

I don't have a solution to keep these things from happening. Maybe you do. I mean, how do you teach civility?

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