Change is inevitable, my friend. Even those old classics we've held onto for so many years can't escape time and progress, and the always spinning-creative minds of marketers.

Bazooka Joe Gum, the cheap and tasty treat we all chewed on as kids and adults, has evolved into something much hipper these days.

Although the taste was short-lived, I always made sure to have a few pieces in my pocket before heading out the door to play ball with my friends. And I loved the cartoons under each wrapper. The humor was corny, but it was fun to see what Bazooka Joe and the gang were up to in each micro-story. And there was always some kind of offer for things like telescopes, junk jewelry, or comic book that you could send away for--I never did, but it was neat to see what the offer was just the same.

The biggest change, aside from colorful packaging and the like, is that the comic will no longer be part of the gum. Sad.

Here's the full story from CBS' Sunday Morning program: